Troyan Hill Maisonettes

Enjoy your holidays in the quiet slope of the mountain with panoramic view of the grand blue Aegean Sea

Visit lovely Molyvos traditional town or ancient "Mithymna"


It can be found in the northern region of the island, 67km from the capital, homeland of Ariona the troubadour and Argiri Eftalioti.

It is built on top of a graphical hill named "Lection Akron", where on the peak a Fortress (Castle) dominates the area since ancient times, its shape and style blends with the rest of the traditional buildings and mansions of this lovely town. Under, at hill's embrace, there is a gorgeous fishing boat harbor. 

A hospitable place for all, Foreign and Greek holiday makers alike. This was the first point that developed tourism which was later on spread throughout the Island. 

The fish taverns, restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs give a cosmopolitan life in one's vacations.

Above, at the Fortress (Castle) the visitor can admire the deep blue color of the Aegean Sea, and across, the Asia Minor region of Troada, the Aeolian Grounds with a lot of ancient Greek cities prior 1922 as well as the Ancient City, beautifully built out of marble, and in addition to all, the town of Assos which was built by ancient Mythemnians.