Troyan Hill Maisonettes

Enjoy your holidays in the quiet side of the mountain with panoramic view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea

Distances from Troyan Hill Maisonettes to regions of interest on Lesvos Island

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Petra Village

2.170 m    to the central square and shopping streets    
2.800 m  to Petra harbour (daily connection with Turkey)    
2.200 m    to a Farmacy    
1.800 m    to the Sandy Beach    
1.700 m    to the Football Field    
1.400 m    to a Bakery    

North Side of Lesvos Island

5 km   to Molyvos   -->
9 km   to Eftalou Beach (thermal springs)   -->
9 km   to Vafios (old settlement with panoramic view and lovely sunset)   -->
23,5 km   to Skala Sikaminias (the village of Stratis Myrivilis with church of Virgin Madonna right in front of the charming fishing harbour)   -->
2,5 km   to Anaxos (tourist resort)   -->
6,5 km   to Ampelia (sandy beach)   -->
7 km   to Skoutaros   -->
3,5 km   to Petri (old settlement with panoramic view and lovely sunset)   -->
 5 km   to Lafiona (old settlement with panoramic view and lovely sunset)   -->
7 km   to Stipsi (old traditional village with marvelous cuisine)   -->
10 km   to Ypsilometopo   -->

Noth East Side of Lesvos Island

26 km   to Tsonia Beach (hidden from the meltemi "Etesians" with fantastic 800 metres red sandy beach)   -->
25 km   to Kapi harbour(Geni Limani)   -->
23,5 km   to Mantamado & the monastery of Archangel Taxiarchis Michael   -->
31 km   to Pedi & Aspropotamos beach   -->
38 km   to Xampelia beach   -->
41 km   to Nees Kidonies beach   -->
52 km   to monastery of Saint Rafail, Saint Eirinis & Saint Nikolaou   -->

South East Side of Lesvos Island

54,5 km   to Mitilini's Harbour, Archaeological - Byzantine museums, Castel and Achient Theater   -->
62 km   to Mytilini's Aiport (kratigos)   -->
62,8 km   to Charamida beach   -->
62,5 km   to Agios Ermogenis (lovely sandy beach amongst the pine trees)   -->
58,6 km   to Skala Loutron   -->

South Side of Lesvos Island

42,9 km   to Agiassos (old settlement, church of Panagia Vrefokratousa)   -->
51,8 km   to Skala Polichnitou (the salt pans & fishing harbour)   -->
52,7 km   to Nyfida Beach   -->
55,7 km   to Vatera Beach (9 klm of sandy beach)   -->
70 km   to Drota Beach (pebble beach & crystal waters)   -->
75,4 km   to Melinda Beach (pebble beach & crystal waters)   -->
73,3 km   to Plomari (homeland of Ouzo)   -->
70.8 km   to Snt Isidoros (sandy beach) and other smaller beaches are   -->
68.4 km   to Tarti (sandy beach) don't miss to visit Fara, Tsafi and Ligonari the lovely beaches   -->

Center of Lesvos Island

15 km   to Kalloni "the center of the Island" (Health Center)   -->
19,9 km   to Skala Kallonis (homeland of sardine fish in Kalloni's gulf, Charming Fishport and long sandy beach)   -->
27,1 km   to Parakila (old traditional village)   -->
19,5 km   to monastery Leimonos or Monasteri of Agios Ignatios Agalianos   -->
38,8 km   to Apothikes (Charming harbour)   -->
17,2 km   to Agia Paraskevi (Museum of Industrial Olive-Oil Production in Lesvos)   -->

West Side of Lesvos Island

13 km   to Filia   -->
17,7 km   to Anemotia (is built in volcano crater)   -->
16,8 km   to Skalochori   -->
26,5 km   to Vatousa (homeland of James Paris cinematographic producer) -->
32,8 km   to Chidira (visit the factory of Methimneos Wines)   -->
32,2 km   to monastery Perivolis   -->
39,4 km   to Gavathas (sandy beach)   -->
35,9 km   to Antissa (don't miss to visit the lovely square and shopping street)   -->
41,8 km   to Monastery Ipsilou (monastery Agiou Ioannoy Theologou)   -->
49,3 km   to Petrified Forest & Natural History Museum
52 km   to Sigri (the Natural History Museum) the lovely beach & don't mist to visit lovely beach at Panagia's Faneromeni area   -->
53,9 km   to monastery Pitharioy (Lying on top of the artificial lake)   -->
51 km   to Skala Eresos (sandy beach, homeland of Sappho the lyrical poet, Theophrastus and Fanias the philosophers)   -->
54 km   to Tavari (don't miss to visit Podaras or Chroysos the unspoiled beaches)   -->
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