Troyan Hill Maisonettes

Enjoy your holidays in the quiet side of the mountain with panoramic view of the endless blue of the Aegean Sea

Activities at Troyan Hill Maisonettes



Pool Sweet Water


Overlooking the endless blue waters of the Aegean Sea, our outdoor pool offers a quiet respite where you can relax far from the bustle of the city and the beach, whether it's dozing off on the deck and watching panoramic view of surround area.

The pool is open for day use from 09:00 am to 08:00 pm


The water is clear sweet. 
Location : Outdoor
Pool length (m): 10.0
Pool width (m): 5.0
Depth of pool (m): 1.35
Pool length (ft) 32.81
Pool width (ft): 16.40 
Depth of pool (ft) 4.42
Pool temperature about 22° C (71.6° F)


 Sea activities

Trips by Glass Bottom Boat Calypso


On our journey you will experience the wildlife and if you are lucky you might see dolphins. It would be my honour to welcome you aboard the Calypso, the only glass bottom boat of Lesvos and to show you the magnificent coastline, the underwater marine life and the island of Saint George, better known as Rabbit Island.

We sail from the harbours of Petra and Molivos to the deserted island of Saint George for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and a picnic.
(We provide snorkels and parasols)
Included: Cucumber, tomato, feta cheese, bread, 1 glass of white wine or soft drink.

The captain of the Calypso will treat you with the very well kept secrets of the Greek kitchen. We sail from the harbours of Petra and Molivos to the deserted island of Saint George for swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and a perfect meal. (We provide snorkels and parasols)
Starter: Sausage, cucumber, feta cheese, eggs and bread, ouzo or juice
Meal: Pork steaks (for fish, please make an order beforehand), baked potatoes, Greek salad, extra vegetables for vegetarians and seasonal fruits (apples or watermelon)
Dessert: Yoghurt with honey.
Drinks: Wine and soft drinks

We sail from the port of Petra and Molivos along the north coastline passing the hot springs of Eftalou and enjoying the great view of Turkey. In the nice picturesque fishing harbour of Skala Sikaminias, you can admire the beautiful church, take photographs and have a nice meal in one of the tavernas. It is possible to go to the sandy beach of Kagia in 10 minutes by foot.


Water sports


Tasos water sports is located next to the Olive press hotel direct on the beach of Molivos/Molyvos village on the Greek Aegean island of Lesbos.
Here you can book water ski + parasailing lessons.
Taspos water sports has several water sports including; water skiing, parasailing, kayak, water bicycle, rubber rings.
This is the most popular beach area to hang out in Molivos.
You will have access to the swimming pool, sunbeds and the beach bar with great lunches.
Tasos has more then 100 sunbeds with parasol direct on the beach, so you wach you friends struggling with the watersports while laying back on your sun bed enjoying the sun

Open 7 days a week from 11.00 hours to 19.00 hours
water ski, kayak,water bicycle,para sailing, rubber rings.

Scuba diving club


“Excellent Diving. Very friendly and professional set-up. Good equipment. 
Recommended!  Sheffield, UK

Our “Elite” certified instructors can assure the quality of any PADI diving course. With fully serviced scuba equipment, we have gained the trust of our customers who come back every year. Lesvos Island can offer dive sites with excellent dive conditions – superb visibility, calm and warm water without currents. Come and enjoy wreck dive, cave dive, wall dive, deep dive with rich wild life environment.


 Alternative Tourism

Village Train


Village Train welcomes you to the magical island of Lesvos. A tourist train is waiting for you at the most touristic destinations on the island, Molyvos & Petra , to offer you relaxation and fun to your sightseeing tour.

You have the opportunity to “travel” in the picturesque port of Molyvos, the castle of the villagethe narrow streets of Petra with the church of Our Lady on the rockthe sandy beaches of Petra and more !



Trekking routes


Hiking Trail Network

Today in Lesvos there is the network of walking routes

There is a development plan with 18 paths covering the entire island with the special characteristics of each region.
Visit the beautiful forests of chestnut trees, the olive paths, the traditional farming paths, walk on the pavement of “patoumenis” at Agiasos, enjoy the cool waters of the bay of Gera and Kalloni under the shadow of olive groves, meet the unique nature of the Petrified Forest, visit the castle of Molyvos, observe rare birds in the wetlands, stroll around the traditional villages, relax in the traditional cafes and get refreshed in thermal baths.

Petra Anaxos Molyvos hiking trails

A network of trails of unique beauty can be discovered in the surund area of Petra. Beautiful landscapes, flora and fauna, farms, traditional villages and cafes, hot springs, valleys, churches and many other different images offer the guests unique experiences.


Bird Watching Lesvos


The three different day trips take in the main Lesvos landscapes and habitats, key sites and key species to ensure you get the most from your time on Lesvos. They are a great way of exploring the island and will probably take you to areas you might not venture to on your own.

A relaxing traditional tavernas lunch there are in your way.

One of the great attractions of Lesvos is that, being a migration island, pretty much any migrant can turn up anywhere! Whilst we have a good passage of many species each spring, there is nothing more exhilarating than being in the thick of a major spring fall, when birds fill every bush, and birds are just everywhere you look.

Get more info from the main site of Hellenic Ornithological Society the Important Bird Areas of Lesvos



Horse Riding and Excursions



Ippos is a small authentic riding school in Molyvos-Lesvos that has kind and trustworthy horses.

We offer you the unique opportunity to explore the surroundings of Molyvos on horse back and to discover the amazing scenery of rocky mountains and the sandy beaches which this beautiful island has to offer.

The yard was opened in March 2012 and is located at the heart of Molyvos Village, Lesvos, Greece...



Donkey Trekking and Excursions


Are you coming to Lesvos? Then plan at least one day out  with Annabel, Poppy or any one of the much- loved donkeys at Michaelis' farm. Forget noisy cars and coaches. Relax and enjoy the traditional transportation of Greece.

It's peaceful. It's beautiful. And it's fun!!!

Michaelis, your experienced, English-speaking guide will lead you safely through some of the island's most stunning scenery along the hidden trekking trails he knows so well.donkey treks, horseback riding, Lesvos, Greece

And you will discover for yourself the true nature of Greece.

If you are coming to Lesbos alone, as a couple, a family or in a group, you can join one of their Day Treks into the mountains or an Evening Trek along the coast and enjoy chilled wine and a barbeque as the sun sets over the sea.

You don't need to know how to ride and their treks are suitable for all ages.

Since 1990, hundreds of visitors to this unspoilt North Aegean island have taken home unforgettable memories of their donkey treks.

Why not join them?


Castles, Monuments & The Petrified Forest

Road Map from Troyan Hill Maisonettes to regions of interest rount Lesvos Island  

For lovers of Monuments, Castles, Fortresses, Byzantine Churches, Buildings, Temples and Archaeological sites, Lesvos offers a huge variety of photography topics that travels back in time.

The Petrified Forest

The Petrified Forest is one of the most beautiful monuments of global geological heritage. It extends over the northwestern portion of Lesvos, in a region covered almost exclusively by volcanic stone. The protected area encompasses 150,000 square meters. -->

Castles & Fortresses

The Castle of Mytilini, -->
The Castle of Mythimna, -->
The Castle of Sigri, -->
The Fortresses Paliopyrgos of Vrisa, -->
The Fortresses Vigla of Eresos, -->
The Fortresses of Achient Antissa or Ovriokastro or Castle of Agii Theodori, -->  
Tower of Magnisalis, -->
Tower of Lisvorio, -->
Palaiokastro of Kalloni or Ancient Arisvi, -->
Tower of Ambeliko or Tower of Gateluzi, -->
Castle of Agiasos, -->

Archaeological sites

Klopedi Sanctuary
The Ancient Sanctuary of Messon
The Ancient Theater of Mytilini
The Roman Aqueduct of Moria
At Therma village of Geras area were found the foundations of the ancient building of the Sanctuary of Hera.
Ancient Makara in Apothika (between Parakoila and Agra)
Ancient Antissa the birthplace of Terpandros, the founder of ancient Greek music


Panagia tis Petras (our lady of the rock)
Saint Nicholas church in Petra (a hidden school in the period of Turkish domination)
Agios Therapon Mytilini
Agios Athanasios Mytilini
Agioi Theodoroi Mytilini


Taxiarchis (Archangel Michael) Monastery in Mantamados
Monastery Ypsilou or Monastery of Agios Ioannis Theologos above the Petrified Forest close to Sigri
Limonos Monastery or Agios- Ignatios Monastery at Dafia Kallonis
Pithari Monastery or Monastery of the Great Taxiarches of Eressos
The Monastery of Agios Raphael (St.Raphael)In Thermi
The Metochi of Taxiarchis Klopedi
The Perivoli Monastery close to Antissa
Metochi, Agioi Anargyroi, Leimonos Monastery at Dafia Kallonis
Monastery of the Assumption Damandriou between Vasilika & Policnhitos


Vareltzidena Mansion, in Petra
Tsarsi Hamam, Geni Tzami, in Mytilini
Sarlitza Pallas, in Thermi


Petrified Forest Museum in Sigri
Natural History Collection of Vrissa
The Theophilos Museum at Varia Mytilini's
The Museum of Modern Art Eleftheriadis Tériade at Varia Mytilini's
The World Of Ouzo at Plomari
Plomari Folk Museum and Soap Museum Factory
The Ecclesiastical Byzantine Museum of Mytilene
The Municipal Art Gallery in Mytilini
The Municipal Art Gallery of Mithymna (Molyvos)
The New Archaeological Museum of Mytilene
The old Archaeological Museum of Mytilene
The Folklore Museum of Mytilene.
Museum of Industrial Olive Oil Production of Lesvos at Agia Paraskevi
Vranas Olive Press Museum at Papados village
Old Lesvian House. One hall. Representation of the mansion of the last century's Lesbian home. Mrs. Vlachou (Mitropoleos street).

Caves of Lesvos

The island has some 200 caves and at least ten unexplored karst sinkholes, locally known as fousses.
There are indications that many of these were inhabited in Neolithic times and are still used as places of worship.

Some of the best known caves are at:

  • Magara at Alyfanta, 120 meters long.
  • Agios Ioannis or Fousa at Mychou, 90 meters long.
  • Patsona or Kokkini Arachni [Red Spider], behind the DEH power plant, 45 meters long.
  • Agios Vartholomaios at Taxiarches (Kayiani), 60 meters long.
  • Glastra or Spilio at Agiassos, 45 meters long.
  • Agios Isidoros in the Municipality of Plomari, 40 meters long.
  • Agia Paraskevi.

The Island’s Fountains

Throughout the island you’ll encounter public water founts with carved inscriptions and decoration, which were built during the Ottoman Occupation. They provide the perfect spot to rest and wet your whistle.

Cameras and Pictures




Car Rental


We are in co-operation with Car Hire companies to provide to each arrival point all type of car or cars in the best prices in the local market covered, by fully insurance and 24 hours help & support.

In our services you able to find packages including Car + Accommodation.


Bicycles & Cycling


Troyan hill maisonetes co-operates with Lesvos Ride in order to provide you with exceptional bike adventures.

Lesvos Ride specializes in bicycle tourism and many bike activities.

We offer complete bike tourism packages, bike guided tours by experienced guides providing high quality mountain bikes and equipment, personal mountain bike courses from a Certified Cycling Trainer (MIAS L2 Mountain Bike Leader), perfection of mountain bike technics or safe biking seminars.

We also organize bike events and races.

The members of Lesvos Ride have more than 15 years of experience in mountain bike and they promise to guide you with safety to the nature trails of Lesvos Island.

Discover a hidden paradise in our mountains and make bicycle the new eco-tourism way of travelling. For more information do not hesitate to ask the hotel’s reception.

Check out our activities in our website and contact us at




Healing Springs


The healing springs of Lesvos have been well known since antiquity.
They are located in areas that allow one to enjoy the peaceful surroundings, amazing scenery and the relaxing and soothing experience of a therapuetic mineral bath.
They also offer changing and shower facilities and some have restaurants and cafes, massage and other therapies.

Healing Springs of Eftalou
At 2 klm from Molyvos are the Eftalou springs with their newly renovated bath house with individual private tubs or communal bathing.
Recommended for rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, skin diseases, kidney and gall gravel and gynecological complaints these are probably the most popular baths on the island due to their proximity to Molyvos. 

Healing Springs of Polychnitou
In those springs are the hottest natural springs in all of Europe. The baths are 60 meters above the sea close to the banks of the Almyropotamos river. There are five mineral springs but only three are used.
Recommended these springs for the cure of chronic rheumatism, arthritis, scropules, skin diseases, sciatica of the hip joint, myalgic pain, illnesses of the womb, lymphatisms and gynecological diseases in general. 

Healing Springs of Thermi on Yera
At the baths of Thermi on the beautiful Gulf of Yera date back to the beginning of the last century. It is believed to be on the site of the ancient temple to Hera.
Renovations have respected the original architecture of the baths. Beside the hot baths there is a cafe restaurant overlooking the bay and a beach suitable for swimming and a lovely jaccuzzi.
Recommended for rheumatism, arthritis, bronchitis, kidney and gall gravel, prevention of heart attacks, sugar diabetes, neurasthenia, illnesses of the womb, sciatica of the hip joint, intestinal diseases, bronchial diseases, gynecological complaints and more. The Separate baths for men and women are the largest on the island. Some people claim these are the best baths on the island but of the ones I have used I prefer Polychnitou.

Healing Springs of Skala Thermis
At historical baths have been in use since ancient times and was at one time the divine spring of the goddess Artemis.
for rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, kidney and gall gravel, gynecological complaints, hypertension, circulatory problems, liver diseases, lymphatism, spleen enlargement, cirrhosis, paralysis, periostitis, rachitis and hardening of the arteries.
The mineral waters are also inhaled for chronic bronchial catarrh, catarrh of the pharynx and the eustachian tubes.

Healing Springs of Agios Ioannis at Lisvori
On your way to Lisvori, take the side road through the olive grove to the geothermal springs. A stream with reeds with a wall built around it – here hot water bubbles out of the mud.
for rheumatism, arthritis, sciatica, neuralgia, kidney and gall gravel, gynecological complaints, hypertension, circulatory problems, liver diseases, lymphatism, spleen enlargement, cirrhosis, paralysis, periostitis, rachitis and hardening of the arteries.




Fiestas, Events & Folklore


During the summer time a lot of fiestas, events and folklore actions are planned, so is offering the choices to organize your time after your daytime relaxing.

Depending on the time of your arrival you at Troyan Hill Maisonettes, you will find different events and festivals.

Such as:

a) Events in the castle of Molyvos or Mytilene with artistic Greek and International musical formats, as well as theatrical performances.

b) Religious events with traditional food, traditional dances and local customs.

c) For horse lovers, riding in different regions of the island is organized from time to time!

d) For those who love sailing boats and the sea, every two years is organized the North Aegean Sea Regatta with participants from Greek and foreign sailors with many dancing and traditional events.



Excursions all over the Island


There are many many options to explore Lesvos island.

Let's start from Petra and the location of Trojan Hill Maisonettes. At the link Location and the subcategory Distances where you will find all the suggested routes with the Google Maps including travelling times, distances and the alternative routes.

On the Island there are several styles of travelling as:

1) The travelling routes for swimming, for good food and the sea sports games in many of the excellent beaches.

2) Religious tourism the Traveller visits the marvelous and great monasteries and the old byzantine style churches of the island with its wonderful museums with folk heirlooms and Christian exhibits

3) Travelling Tourism with visitors to discovering the beauties of the island such as the fossilized tree trunks, as if a rare natural phenomenon, the two archaeological and folk museums e.g. Tetriant & Theophilos Museums of Painting and the most contemporary interactive museum of natural history in Sigri.

4) The alternative tourism for nature and birds lovers as well as your contact with the island with the largest flora in the Mediterranean.

5) Visit the medieval castles are on the most beautiful places such as Mytilini, Molyvos or ancient Mithymna and the castle of Sigri. There are also other fortresses you have to discover them on your selph.

6) And the Spa therapeutically tourism with a visiting the 4 Healing Springs of the lesvos island!

We are availbale at the reception to inform you of any combination and proposals of travelling.


Daily Excursion from Petra to Ayvalik & Pergamon


Program with Excursions to Pergamon

Early Morning Pass & Custom Control & depardure from Petra to Ayvalik
Pick up from Ayvalik Pass & Custom Control and Depart for Pergamon
Private Pergamon Acropolis Tour
The Library once held 200.000 books and Trojan
Temple of Trajan
Altar of Zeus ( Now at BERLIN MUSEUM )
The Hellenistic Theater with a seating capacity of 10,000
Temple of Dionysus
City Walls
Private Pergamon Asklepion Tour
The Roman Theater
The Temple of Asclepius
The healing spring
The underground passageway
Depart for Ayvalik
Drop off at Ayvalik City
Pass & Custom Control and Departure by Ferry to Petra

Program Bazar in Ayvalik (Every Thursday)

Early Morning Pass & Custom Control & depardure from Petra to Ayvalik
Foul day free in Ayvalik
Late in the afternoon Pass & Custom Control and Departure by Ferry to Petra



 Alternative Energy

Renewable energy parks


Troyan Hill Maisonettes since 2013 it has become eco-friendly with its solar paneled area producing more electric energy that the one consumed.

Only in a dinstance of 50 metres from Maisonettes you have the opportunity to visit the photovoltaic park and get in touch with the renewable energy sources which are very friendly to environment and the people.

For us it is a pleasure to guide you at the field of those photovoltaic panels!


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